The Big Hook Team

John Haime.The Aspiration

There is a reason that John Haime has been published in leading business, leadership and sport publications. People believe his story. And so will you.

His highly anticipated first book, You Are a Contender! Build Emotional Muscle to Perform Better and Achieve More … in Business, Sports and Life was released in December 2009 by Morgan James (New York) and became a bestseller in the United States in mid-2010.

As a world-class specialist in the area of performance and one of the world’s leading authorities in Emotional Intelligence, as it relates to performance in sport, John personally coaches top executives, athletes and artists in a variety of performance areas.

Why? - Because he understands the game.

From 1985 to 1991, John successfully competed on international golf tours in Canada, Australia, Asia, South Africa and the United States. Along with several professional victories, career highlights include a career low 62 in a professional event in Melbourne, Australia. Before turning professional he was one of Canada’s top amateur and junior golfers.

John founded New Edge Performance to service a growing demand in the athlete market. Through “New Edge” John works with some of the world’s leading professional and amateur athletes on mental/emotional development.

John got hooked on golf. We think you’ll get hooked on John.

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Julien LeBlanc.The Inspiration

Recognized in 2014 as Forty Under 40 Award Recipient for Ottawa, Julien has his finger on the pulse. Selected to attend global conference in Vancouver as a participant and the IdEAsPHERE conference at Harvard Kennedy School, Julien is always gathering the latest trends and collaborating with some of the brightest minds.

As president and partner of Blueprint North America, a team of world-class consultants for major commercial B2B and B2C businesses around the globe, Julien engages people and organizations to realize their potential in new and exciting ways. He motivates leaders to think creatively about the future.

As a serial collaborator Julien brings his brand of leadership to organizations like,,, Naturally Dapper and Tri-Services Inc., McCain Foods and Reliance Home Comfort Ottawa.

Julien leads with a collaborative spirit. Some call it his hook.

Rainuka Oberoi.The Brand Builder

Rainuka Oberoi learned a thing or two working on big brands: how to find your audience and how to write a catchy tagline. She began her marketing career over twenty years ago with CIBC and a couple high-tech start-ups and honed her skills in the US credit card market working on brands like Best Buy Mastercard and GM Visa.

Rainuka eventually moved back to Ottawa, her hometown, and founded WONDERLOUD where she decided to apply those same branding principles to people and smaller organizations.

Combining strengths-based coaching and creative marketing solutions, Rainuka helps people discover and engage their brand. Her specialties include working with people on the brink of change. Nothing excites her more than someone who is revamping their career or someone who is starting their own business.

Personal branding has become a necessary tool for leaders today. To do it effectively you need to know your audience. She works with professionals ranging from bankers to educators to entrepreneurs. Engaging in brand coaching and profile building, Rainuka assists professionals reach their career and lifestyle goals.

She also has a passion for non-profit organizations. Clients include Families Matter Cooperative, Laundry Matters, Total Communication Environment, and SLIAO.

If you were to ask Rainuka what she does for a living she would say that she’s a renovator. She takes something really good and makes it even better.

Rainuka is always looking for a good hook to polish. Know anyone?

Geoff Schaadt.The Dean

Some might call him an over achiever. After all he participated in six bowl games, including two Rose Bowls, with the UCLA football team. He’s collected a BA from Purdue University in Athletic Training and Education, an MSc from the University of Arizona, and an MBA from the University of Ottawa. And if that’s not enough he’s an authority on food manufacturing offering valuable insight on food safety as a writer and speaker. Most recently Geoff was the featured article in Food Safety Magazine, ‘Creating a Culture of Food Safety’. Geoff is a Senior Consultant with Delta Partners Inc., a boutique management consulting firm based in Ottawa that specializes in strategy, change management, organizational design, executive coaching and leadership development.

Geoff has held senior positions across a variety of public, private, and not-for-profit organizations, including WebBalanced Technologies, CME (Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters - Canada's oldest and largest trade association) and UCLA’s Department of Athletics.

His accomplishments, academic pursuits and continued self-growth has no boundaries.

But it’s what he does with it that makes Geoff unique. He spent much of his childhood on a tractor in Northern Indiana and has held very junior positions on the food production floor, spending many hours behind a broom or under machinery. A strong proponent for leaders understanding the fundamentals of learning, Geoff has established a reputation for eliminating the jargon and pseudo-science so often encountered in the “leadership development” space. Intrinsic to Geoff’s success is extracting the most valuable elements from higher learning programs and turning them into practical strategies for leaders.

You could say Geoff has a thirst for knowledge. We think he’s hooked on it.